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UTHealth Houston Employees

UT Health Services (UTHS) is the employee health home for UTHealth Houston's more than 11,000 employees in all of the university's schools and locations, including UT Physicians clinics. 

Our clinic is located in the Texas Medical Center, a short walk or shuttle ride from all six schools. UTHS also partners with the Office of Safety, Health, Environment, and Risk Management in providing integrated occupational health services to all UTHealth Houston employees.

Services We Provide:

  • For new employees, we provide pre-employment health screenings.
  • For current employees, we conduct periodic testing as required, and we provide compassionate care and treatment for employees experiencing workplace injuries or exposures.
  • For the UTHealth Houston community, we collect and monitor public health information to identify emerging disease issues.


New Employees

Congratulations on receiving a job offer from UTHealth Houston! You will receive an email from our human resources department with detailed onboarding instructions, including a link to a health information survey form. Based on your role and survey answers, you may be directed to UT Health Services for a pre-employment examination or testing. You may review all pre-employment guidelines on the new employee welcome site.

Current Employees

UT Health Services provides the following services for UTHealth Houston employees. Some services are based on the requirements of your job: 

  • Specific titers or immunizations
  • Annual clinical surveillance
  • COVID-19 testing and return-to-work recommendations
  • Evaluation and treatment of needle stick or other bloodborne pathogens injuries or exposures*
  • Respiratory protection program medical clearance process
  • Evaluation and care for workplace exposures (animal, clinical, environmental, etc.)*
  • Workplace injury evaluation, treatment, and return-to-work examinations*
  • Workers’ compensation examinations and follow-up*

More details are accessible on the intranet using your UTHealth Houston username and password.


*Employees who are injured at work should use the UTHS clinic as their first point of care unless the injury is life- or limb-threatening or occurs after clinic hours, in which case the employee should report to or be transported to the nearest emergency room. Employees and their supervisors should complete a Supervisor's First Report of Injury form prior to visiting the clinic.